Available Bearded Dragons

Please be sure to read both the Terms and Conditions page as well as the Dragon Care Guide page before purchasing a dragon. By purchasing a dragon, it is assumed you have read and agree to the terms and conditions. After purchasing a dragon, please contact me immediately! Shipping arrangements need to be made. This can be either through facebook, instagram, email, or text.

IF YOU DO NOT REACH OUT I WILL TEXT YOU TO CONFIRM THE SHIPPING ADDRESS AND DATE FOR SHIPPING. I receive a high number of messages each day via text, calls, Facebook, Instagram, email, etc. Instead of bouncing back and forth between all of those, I have decided to simplify it for myself and do shipping confirmations via text. I WILL TEXT THE NUMBER YOU ENTER WITH THE SHIPPING INFORMATION. IF YOU DON’T WANT ME TO TEXT YOU PLEASE LEAVE A NOTE STATING SO UPON CHECK OUT.

Shipping usually takes place Monday-Wednesday, however the days I can ship vary with each week. Shipping is Priority Overnight through Reptiles2you using FedEx. The shipping cost is included in the listed price of the dragon.

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